Food & Drink Court


A festival is not a festival without some great food and drink suppliers, we bring you some of the very best street food vendors in the area, and an amazing range of drinks to enjoy. Visit our main bar where you can find pretty much everything, great beers from Joule's Brewery, wines, spirits, Prosecco and much more ....


If it is Gin or Rum you are after then visit the dedicated Gin & Rum Bar where you will find a selection of the very best Gins & Rums available.... For Craft beer and German style pilsners visit the Rollinn' Tap Dodge Pick UP Truck bar, you will find this bar near to the Bratwurst Pop Up Sausage Stall. 

When you get a little peckish then we have Wood Fired Pizza for you from Murase's Pop Up Pizza, Cookies and Shakes from the Shake & Bake truck, Bratwurst Sausages from the Original German Bratwurst Co, Donuts and Popcorn from the Donut van and bringing some spice to your festival is the Salt & Pepper Shack that will be serving some Salt & Pepper Chicken served with Rice, Salt & Pepper Tofu, Sui Mais & Sweet Potato Fries and grab a jar of Pick n Mix Sweets from the Sweets 2 U Trailer. 

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Pizza with Salami Mushrooms and Onion
Fried Donuts
French Fries
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